Integrated packaging approach

Packaging audit

Pallet stability optimization

Quality assessments

Quality testing machines

Accredited test lab for all vehicle approval needs

EU Whole Vehicle Type Approval

Individual Belgian vehicle homologation

Partial component homologation

Professional support

Load securing and testing

Vehicle (component) strength testing

Dynamic load securing testing

Friction measurements

Shape stability testing

Engineering your succes

Endurance and fatigue testing

Real time field measurements

Multi-skilled: mechanics, hydraulics & automation

Development of high precision test machines




Our packaging department provides you with the following services:

  • Stability optimization
  • Damage reduction
  • Quality assessments
  • Packaging audits

Type Approval

Type A certified test laboratory according to ISO 17025-standards. We provide homologation tests in order to:

  • Obtain WVTA’s
  • Test technical units
  • Achieve individual approval
Load securing

Load Securing

Testing and advice concerning load securing. We perform a variety of tests:

  • Friction tests
  • Dynamic vehicle tests
  • Static vehicle tests
  • Shape stability of loads


Our multi-skilled engineering team is active in the following domains:

  • Real time measurements
  • Fatigue testing and optimization
  • Design and optimization of machinery
  • FEE-analysis


ESTL provides a calibration service for multiple measurement equipment. The list below gives an overview of our calibration services:

  • Load cells
  • Torque cells
  • Torque spanner
  • Manometers



Have you ever wondered how much force a stretch wrap pattern, shrink hood or stretch hood is generating on a product or load? The FEF-200 answers this question. This mobile device can be mounted on any given pallet. After installation, the forces will be measured en registered in 32 different points.


The shrink bundle is the “corner stone” of a load unit in the beverage industry. Fluctuations in quality of this “corner stone” lead in many cases to transport damage or instable loads. In order to continuously monitor the parameters of the shrink bundling process, ESTL developed the SPT-300. This devices makes it possible to measure the stiffness of the shrink bundle.


Stretch film is one of the most widely spread packaging materials to secure goods to a pallet. Most stretch films look quite alike however there are many differences in the mechanical properties. The FPT-750 simulates the different sides of the stretch wrap process and measures the mechanical properties. This allows comparison of stretch films.