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ESTL (Engineering & Solutions for Transport & Logistics) is an engineering company that provides measurement equipment and advice for safer road freight transport.

In order to guarantee this safety, we focus, on the one hand, on the goods being transported and, on the other hand, on the vehicle used to transport them.

We develop and sell measuring and recording equipment so that customers can optimise their road transport in-house, or provide services to ensure safer road transport for our customers.


Our packaging service offers the following services:

  • optimisation of pallet stability
  • damage reduction
  • quality and packaging audits
  • EUMOS40509 Testing
  • certification

Cargo securing

Testing and advice on your cargo security:

  • friction tests
  • dynamic & static vehicle tests
  • EUMOS40509 certification (form stability loading unit)


Type A certified test lab according to ISO 10725. Homologation tests for:

  • allocation of WVTAs
  • testing technical units
  • individual approvals

This applies to both fast traffic and agricultural vehicles.


Our multidisciplinary engineering team carries out total projects in the following sectors:

  • packaging
  • automobile
  • mechanical engineering

Measuring equipment

Design and construction of measuring equipment:

  • controllers & mechanical testing
  • packaging testing equipment
  • tire testing
  • calibration

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