Calculating axle loads

Vehicle type
Vehicle description(2 axles)
Distance between axle 1 and axle 2 AA1 = m
Distance between axle 2 and axle 3 AA2 = m
Distance between axle 3 and axle 4 AA3 = m
Distance between axle 4 and axle 5 AA4 = m
Ground loads axle 1 empty RVL = kg
Ground loads axle 2 empty RATL = kg
Ground loads for axle 2 + 3 empty RAL = kg
Distance between front axle and headboard AVK = m
Distance headboard - kingpin KK = m
Distance from kingpin to drive shaft KA = m
Load description(1 section)
Length section 1 LS1 = m
Mass section 1 MS1 = kg
I have the manual read and understood.
Easy control
Total length of load m
Total mass of cargo kg
Total mass on ground kg
Centre of gravity of the load from the headboard m
Front axle load (axle1) kg
Rear axle load (axle2) kg
Axle load of semi-trailer(axle 3) kg


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