Knowledge of mechanical and automation engineering

We measure

  • Conception, execution and post processing of field tests, to determine the load spectrum
  • Execution of strain gauge, force and torque measurements
  • Execution of process audits in the packaging and construction industry, to identify points of improvement

We automate

  • Design and construction of tensile and fatigue testing
  • Development of equipment to characterize the mechanical properties of materials (E.g: plastics)
  • Automation of repetitive handlings
  • Development of test and measurement solutions

We test

  • Execution of static tensile and pressure tests up to 6-axes
  • Execution of dynamic and fatigue testing
  • Reproduction of field test data to determine the durability of a construction

We simulate

  • Optimization of the strength, stiffness, manufacturing process,… through extensive FEM
  • Simulation of the fatigue resistance and durability of a construction

Engineering projects

Optimization of the sliding roof of a curtainsider semi-trailer. The following skills were required for this project:

  • Problem analysis
  • Strain gauge measurements
  • Mechanical calculations and optimization

Design and automation of a multipurpose container. ESTL displayed the following skills:

  • Mechanical design
  • Automation

Design and automation of a fatigue testing bench up to 250 000N. We displayed these skills:

  • Mechanical design
  • Automation