Load securing

Safe load securing = a shared responsibility!

What is load securing?

Load securing is the process in which loads are fastened on a platform in order to avoid them from shifting or tilting during normal traffic conditions (e.g: braking and diverting manoeuvres). ESTL provides testing and advice concerning load securing.


Certification of shape stability according to EN12195 and EUMOS 40509.

Our friction test according to EN12195 can be carried out to determine the friction value between two surfaces. The friction coefficient is the key value to load securing.

The static vehicle test EN12642 or static XL-test is used to determine the strength of the walls of a truck.

Our dynamic vehicle test EN12642 – B is used to test the performance of  a certain load securing arrangement. Four different maneuvers are used to simulate the most extreme situations during normal road transport:

  • Braking forwards
  • Braking backwards
  • Performing a U-turn
  • Performing an S-turn

Testing and certification of straps in accordance with EN12195-2.

Design, testing, calculation and certification of tailor-made load securing tools and products.