Shape stability versus load securing

Safe load securing = a shared responsibility!

Shape stability: why?

Making a unit loading shape stable has the following advantages for the load securing:

  • The required number of lashings can be calculated. Have a shape stable load is the ultimate condition in order to be allowed to apply those formulas. Hence, no testing is needed in secured condition, which does not limit the degrees of freedom of your logistics.
  • Judicial security on the stowing method.
  • The shipper hereby complies with the demand for “sufficiently solid transport packing” (see Belgian Royal Decree on load securing).
  • The load does not have to be blocked along the full height. This way, it is easier to allow partial freights since one is not familiar with the type of the other pallets that were loaded in the truck.

Check out the video below to see the behaviour of a shape stable versus unstable pallet at a 0.5g stop: