Static vehicle test

Safe load securing = a shared responsibility!

How we do it

As the title suggests, statistic vehicle (XL) tests can be done without the vehicle being in driving mode. With this type of test a compressive force is applied to the walls to be tested. Mostly the procedure is as follows:

  • A steel frame is inserted into the truck. This frame is built in at a few centimeters distance from the wall to be tested. It must be well-anchored into the truck because it will have to capture the reaction forces.
  • Between the wall and the built-in frame an air cushion is inserted.
  • The air cushion is blown up by means of compressed air
  • Based on the surface of the air cushion and the actual air pressure, the load on the wall can be calculated.

If both plastic and elastic deformations with a particular load remain within the specified limits, the wall can be certified.