Dimension Your Tires!

Dimension your tires with the Rotational dimension and use the results for R&D purposes, quality monitoring or check whether dimensions comply with defined requirements of the associated standards. With the rotational dimension you can evaluate your (new) product in no time! Check characteristic dimensions and even check wear of in field tested tires.

The Rotational Dimension is a machine which has been specially designed to measure and evaluate the dimensions of a tire. Easily clamp your tire rim on the provided chuck, configure the tests and start scanning. The machine is able to execute circumferential scans and cross sectional scans. 

Type of scans

  • The circumferential scan is used to evaluate the tire over his entire circumference. Statistics about the outer diameter, lug depths and unroundness are calculated. The circumference can be measured on different places of the width of the tire. Each place will result in other unique characteristics values.
  • The cross section scan is used to evaluate the cross section of the tire. A 2D plot of the cross section is generated accompanied with some calculated main dimensions determined by the cross section (e.g. : Crown radius, outer diameter, Tire width ,.. ). Also the distribution of the lug depth in function of the tire width is calculated.
  • The axial run out scan is used to evaluated the tire over his entire side wall at a certain diameter. Statistics about the axial run out will be calculated. The axial run out can be measured on different discrete locations.

All measured data and calculated values can be saved in structured reports, Excel files. This makes easy regeneration of the data possible. No more discussing about the correctness of manual measured dimensions during meetings, it’s printed!

Test object properties

Clamp width chuck70 -> 450 mm (extendable)
Max test object load400 kg (extendable)
Overall tire diameter230 -> 1600 mm (extendable)
Tire section width30 -> 600 mm (extendable)
Max lug height80 mm
Minimum rim diameter8″ (extendable)

Our goal?  Provide the transport industry with high quality measurement tools. We design test benches to your needs!

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