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Stretch film is transparent in many cases, but how “transparent” is the influence of the film on the secondary packaging?

Do you experience the following difficulties?

  • Cans, cardboard cases are crushed by the tertiary packaging?
  • Measuring the “holding force” of a stretch film is imprecise and difficult?
  • Each stretch wrapper gives a different result?

The FEF-200 is a portable device which can be installed on any pallet before wrapping. During and after the wrapping process, the forces generated on the edge of the pallet load is monitored.


Have you ever tried to build a house with flexible bricks? Why then build a pallet load  with poor shrink bundles?

In the beverage industry, the  stability of your pallet loads strongly depends on the shear stiffness of the secondary packaging. This stiffness is effected by the shrink film quality, temperature settings, humidity, shrink tunnel settings, bottle design…

The SPT-300 is a clever tool which can be used to quantify this stiffness in your production lines and avoid unstable pallet loads and damaged products.


High performance film deserves high performance testing. ESTL’s Film Performance Tester delivers realistic stretch film testing.

ESTL’s Film Performance Tester has been developed to test stretch films in representative conditions. Stretch film tests can be done at different constant speeds. Variating speeds as found on industrial wrappers can be simulated as well. The simulation of variating speeds is a unique feature which is only offered by ESTL’s Film Performance Tester!