Development of high end test and measurement solutions

Stretch film is in many cases transparent, but how “transparent” is the influence of the film on the secondary packaging?

Do you experience the following difficulties?

  • Cans, cardboard cases get crushed by the tertiary packaging?
  • Measuring the “holding force” of a stretch film is not precise or too difficult?
  • Each stretch wrapper gives a different result?

The FEF-200 is a portable device which is installed on a pallet before wrapping. During and after the wrapping process, the forces generated on the edge of the pallet load are monitored.

A FEF-200 measuring set contains a central unit and up to 10 measuring cells. One individual cell measures the forces at 2 different heights, in the X – and  Y-direction. One full FEF-200 set measures the forces generated by the film on the edge of a pallet load in 40 different locations.

The user friendly software generates a force profile in function of the height of the pallet. Measurements are saved and processed with the FEF-200 software.

Benefits of the system:

  • Compare force profiles to set different stretch wrappers to the same level.
  • Compare different stretch films and settings.
  • Use the accurate measurements as input for new packaging designs
  • Quality monitoring with the FEF-200 will prevent crushed cases and cans.

Check out a video of the FEF-200 below: