Test and Measurement Solutions


The STTB-200 has been carefully designed and built to quantify accurate tire stiffness on an automated way. The machine is able to impose displacement, rotation or force profiles on a test tire.

Technology Highlights


Tire load: until 20 tons, 1000 mm displacement, 2–>400 mm/min

Tangential load: until 11 tons, 600 displacement, 2–> 400 mm/min

Axial load: until 11 tons, 600 mm displacement, 2–> 400 mm/min

Until 300 mm from ground surface

Until 1000 x 1000 mm

10kNm, -30° –> 30° rotation angle

Test Programs

Radial deflection test

Slip torque test

Axial deflection test

Tire footprint scans

Vertical twist

Curb test

Custom testing