Test and Measurement Solutions


The STTB-200 is a high-end semi-static test bench that quantifies tire stiffness in an automated way. The machine automatically measures physical quantities like forces, dispacements, torques, tire bulging, footprint scanning,… while imposing displacement, rotation or force profiles on a test tires.


The test machine is equipped with a 6 Degree Of Freedom measurement plate to accurately measure the forces and moments in 3 directions. A redundant force transducer is provided on all the actuators to evaluate signal integrity.

An optional tire bulging scanner sweeps the vertical tire profile at the ground contact section to measure the tire bulging.

X-, Y- and Z-direction translations and Z-rotations are sensed by means of accurate displacement transducers.

An optional tire footprint measurement sensor scans, photographs and calculates the tire contact surface automatically.

A central axle can automatically rotate the tire in steps of minimum 30° without backlash. This function allows automatic multiple section testing to optimize result integrity and consistency, and reduce outlier results.

The control system is automated to minimize the required test time and human influences, optimizing the overall profitability of the machine.

Technology Highlights


Tire load: until 20 tons, 1000 mm displacement, 2–>400 mm/min

Tangential load: until 11 tons, 600 displacement, 2–> 400 mm/min

Axial load: until 11 tons, 600 mm displacement, 2–> 400 mm/min

Until 300 mm from ground surface

Until 1000 x 1000 mm

10kNm, -30° –> 30° rotation angle

Test Programs

Radial deflection test

Slip torque test

Axial deflection test

Tire footprint scans

Vertical twist

Curb test

Custom testing