Test and Measurement Solutions


The UTMS (universal test and measure solution) is a unique DAQ system and test bench controller that provides a state-of-the-art test and measurement solution.


ESTL was established as a spin-off business from university research, performing physical test and measurement campaigns. Due to the lack of an easily configurable, modular and robust DAQ and test bench control solution, ESTL decided to develop a software solution in house in cooperation with Beckhoff. The highly configurable solution is based on an industrial grade IPC with high speed and accurate I/O, combining durability and modularity.

On one hand, the solution allows to control test benches with hydraulic, electric or pneumatic actuators and sensors of mechanical test benches. On the other hand, the solution allows the high speed multi signal data-logging of physical quantities during measurement campaigns.

The intuitive control panel allows the user to select a number of pre-programmed tests and to alter the concerning parameters. The architecture of the program allows the user to save or alter test protocols. The controller is an electric device suitable to control one or more axes or used standalone as a measurement system. The software can also run in an offline mode so programming or viewing of tests can be done at the user’s desk without requiring access to the test bench (e.g. installed as a regular windows program).

The software allows the development or customization of pre-programmed functionalities to meet specific customer requirements (e.g. hmi layout, test functions, postprocessing functions, data validation, safety actions, …).

Technology Highlights

  • Unique combination of modular measurement, testing and post procession capabilities providing an all-round solution
  • Large library of measurement and data processing functions and control functions
  • Input module calibration acc. ISO17025 possible
  • Industrial grade high speed IPC
  • High performance modular I/O architecture
  • Windows based platform
  • On & offline test or measurement campaign configuration possible
  • Data-processing after test possible on other computers with comparing/overlaying function
  • Logging in csv or binary formats
  • Test program configurations can be saved and opened
  • Fully configurable HMI front end
  • Easy calibration with nonlinear options
  • Different access and authorization levels for multiple operators
  • Static, dynamic, durability, repetitive, fatigue, field test playback functions available
  • Symbolic, structured text or java programming possible
  • Extensible with other devices through ethercat, I/O link, ethernet, …
  • Multi-axis control
  • Easy remote access for support, network share data logging possible
  • Integrated UPS
  • Software runs on the controller: bad connection with display or remote desktop do NOT affect the controller state.


Different cabinet possibilities: mobile compact, standalone desktop, 19¨ rack, WTCB controller…

Different supply possibilities: 12V DC, 24V DC, 230V AC, 400 V AC, makita 18V DC battery (for mobile measurements)

Different processor possibilities: intel Atom (dual and quad core), intel Core i7 (quad core), intel XEON (12 cores)

The language of your choice is possible

Test Programs

Static force and displacement tests

Dynamic force and displacement tests

Fatigue and endurance tests

Historical load data tests

Regulation based tests