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Test laboratory

ESTL is an approved technical body at the “FOD mobility and transport” , class A accreditation following the ISO17025-standard. Unique in Belgium! This allows us to provide a wide range of type approval solutions. Our technical skills in combination with the close cooperation with the government services allows us to approve a vehicle in a fast and efficient way.

We take care of your type approval needs

The combination of a professional test centrum in Deerlijk, a large test track in Gent and our mobile test units to test at your premises, allows us to check the compliance of your products with local or international legislation. Efficiency and price competitiveness is guaranteed. With a strong focus on technical and administrative support, we provide:

  • European whole vehicle type approval (WVTA)
  • Approval of national small series
  • Evaluation and approval of technical units
  • Partial approvals of vehicles.

We approve individual vehicles

To busy, located in a foreign country or no COP?

We are the only certified lab in Belgium who is able to approve complete and completed vehicles. The approvals are done in our lab or at site, depending of your preferences. We provide this service for completed vehicles (last phase) or complete vehicles (1st fase, mostly trailers).

We work internationally

Because type approval is a complex subject with a lot of pitfalls, we focus on a strong support throughout the full approval process. Our team’s vast technical background can be used to help you find a practical and compliant solutions.

We have good relationships with foreign labs, so that we can offer you a larger scope. This makes ESTL a one-stop shop for homologation.

We calibrate your instruments

To ensure the quality of your products, we can check the accuracy of your measuring equipment. More information about our calibration possibilities can be found here.

Our scope

We are active on the following domains:

  • Rear underrun protection (ECE R58)
  • Braking devices (ECE R13)
  • Space for the mounting and fixing of rear registration plates (1003/2010)
  • Masses and dimensions of motor vehicles and their trailers (1320/2012)
  • Spray suppression systems for motor vehicles and their trailers (109/2011)
  • Mechanical couplings and installation of couplings on vehicles (ECE R55 & 94/20/EG)
  • Lateral protective devices (ECE R73)
  • Motor vehicle towing devices (1005/2010)
  • Installation of tires for motor vehicles and their tires (458/2011)
  • Manufacturer’s statutory plate and vehicle identification number (19/2011)
  • Vehicles with regard to their steering equipment (ECE R79)
  • Individual and national type approval for complete or finished vehicles  (KR 2007/46/EG)
  • EU and national type approval :WVTA, NKS (2007/46/EG)
  • Type approval of agricultural vehicles following VO 167/2013 and its delegated acts.

Further information

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Consult our test scope.