Rolling Resistance Test Bench

The RTTB-4000 has been carefully designed and built to test rolling resistance of tires. To perform rolling resistance tire testing, a constant radial load is applied to the tire. in the meantime, the required force to maintain a constant speed is measured precisely. 

Technology Highlights

  • High and low range torque cell and load cell, resulting in high accuracy over entire range
  • durable and stiff construction
  • Isothermic cab option with temperature stabilization to minimize temperature impact
  • Test method: torque method
  • Full electric drive => clean working environment
  • UTMS software interface for user-friendly operation
  • Mounting of tire by hoisting crane aid is possible
  • Tire runout elimination option for construction and material handling tires
  • Test program according to UN ECE R117 / ISO 28580 / VDI 4483

Test bench specifications

Speedup to 200 kph
Nominal tire loadup to 10 tons
Drum diameter2,2 m
Drive lineFully electric servo drives

Test programs

  • Rolling resistance
  • Custom test procedures
  • Revolution per km tests
  • Transient tire temperature and velocity tests

Our goal? Provide the transport industry with high quality measurement tools. We design test benches to your needs!

Questions? Or interested? Don't hesitate to contact us @ info@estl.be!


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