Thanks to our close cooperation with government services, we are able to handle the homologation of vehicles extremely quickly and efficiently.

ESTL is a technical service approved by the FPS Mobility and Transport as type A, accredited to the ISO17025 standard. This is a unique combination within Belgium. This allows us to offer the widest possible range of solutions.

We provide type approvals

The combination of a professional measuring lab in Deerlijk, a spacious test track in the Ghent region, and mobile measuring equipment to carry out tests on site, enables us to efficiently and cost-effectively test the conformity of your products with the applicable regulations.

We provide technical and administrative support:

  • European vehicle type approval (WVTA)
  • National small series approvals (NKS)
  • evaluation and approvals for technical units
  • partial approvals of vehicles

Homologation of individual vehicles

Too busy, constructor abroad or no COP?

We are the only lab in Belgium that can provide complete and completed homologation of vehicles. We carry out the homologation in our lab, or on site, according to your preference.

We do this for completed (last stage, usually bodywork on a motor vehicle) or complete vehicles (1 stage, usually trailers).

We work internationally

Because homologation is a relatively complex matter with many possible pitfalls, we focus on good support during the entire process. Our employees have a broad technical background. They will help you in your search for a pragmatic and compliant solution.

We have good relationships with foreign labs, so we can offer you a wider scope. This makes ESTL a one-stop-shop for homologation.

We calibrate measuring equipment

We can check the condition of your measuring equipment to ensure that your company's metrology is up to scratch. You can find more information about our offer on the calibration page.

Vehicle homologation: our scope

We are active in the following fields:

  • rear protective devices (ECE R58)
  • braking systems (ECE R13)
  • space for mounting & fixing the rear registration plate (1003/2010)
  • masses & dimensions (1230/2012)
  • vehicles with regard to their spray suppression (109/2011)
  • Installation of lamps and lighting devices (ECE R48)
  • Coupling devices and mounting of couplings on vehicles (ECE R55 & 94/20/EC)
  • Lateral protection devices (ECE R73)
  • towing eyes for motor vehicles (1005/2010)
  • Mounting of tyres (458/2011)
  • statutory plate and vehicle identification number (19/2011)
  • Vehicles with regard to their steering equipment (ECE R 79)
  • Individual national vehicle homologation according to for complete or completed vehicles (RD 2007/46/EC)
  • EU and national vehicle type-approval WVTA, NKS (2007/46/EC)
  • Agricultural vehicle homologation according to VO 167/2013 and its delegated acts

Requesting homologation

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