Certification of truck bodies

ESTL undertakes the certification of truck bodies, covering various aspects: design, evaluation, optimisation and certification of vehicle components such as bodies, anchorages, ramps, posts and anti-slip materials. 

In Belgium, almost all builders have the official certificates issued by ESTL. Cargo securing materials such as tie rails, pallet covers and vehicle tarpaulins are also tested and certified.

Vehicle body certification

Since a truck has a certain superstructure anyway, it is interesting to design or build the superstructure in such a way that it also has the necessary load securing functions. A good superstructure has the following advantages with regard to load securing:

  • greater safety
  • Less time lost in stowing the goods
  • fewer lashing devices required
  • The truck's deployability for various transports increases

When a particular load needs to be secured, it is also important to check some of the vehicle's characteristics.


If the vehicle has a front bulkhead that is certified with a certain blocking capacity, this bulkhead can be used for cargo securing. If the cargo is loaded interlocked against the front wall and the blocking capacity is sufficient, it can be said that the cargo is secured in the forward direction.


As with the front wall, a similar reasoning can be made. However, it is important to note that the blocking capacity of the side walls can only be used if the load is uniformly distributed on the lorry and if the total side play does not exceed 8 cm.

Back wall

Again, the same reasoning can be applied as for the side and rear walls. It should be noted, however, that it is practically unheard of for a load to reach the rear wall of the lorry when it is closed.

Pallet edge

A pallet edge is a lateral raised edge of about 2 cm. This wall can prevent loads from sliding sideways. Especially with low, stable loads, the pallet edge can be an enormous asset.

Lashing points

If it is not possible to stow the load with the existing structural elements of the body, additional securing is required. To this end, use is made of the lashing points on the lorry. It is therefore important that these lashing points are sufficiently strong and are also tested in built-in condition.

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