Packaging tests

ESTL's core business is evaluating and optimising the stability of cargo units. One way of doing this is through optimisation of the transport packaging.

That optimisation of packaging and/or shape stability load units not only appears to reduce the price of transport packaging.It also contributes to a reduction in CO2 emissions. You get a more efficient use of packaging materials.

EUMOS40509 certificate

The stability of cargo units is determined by means of an acceleration test according to EUMOS40509. The load is subjected to an acceleration between 0 and 0.8g. This acceleration is maintained for at least 300m.

The results are assessed according to EUMOS40509. If the results meet the requirements of EUMOS40509, a certificate will be drawn up. This certificate can be presented to the police or insurance companies to demonstrate the 'soundness' of the transport packaging. 

Packaging optimisation

If the result of the investigation into the stability of loading units is unsatisfactory, we will look for a solution together. To this end, we mainly work on improving the tertiary packaging, the interleaving sheets used, the stacking pattern, secondary packaging , etc.

All our tests are filmed using a unique camera system. This gives you a slowed view of the deformation of the pallet. The analysis of the images gives us an insight into the areas that need to be adjusted/reinforced.  

In most cases, primary and secondary packaging of the goods does not need to be changed to comply with the new transport legislation.

Secondary packaging

Are you using shrink film as secondary packaging? ESTL has developed a tool to measure the performance of a shrink bundle.

Through a number of simple tests, it can be determined which foil, process settings... lead to the best results.

Do you want to reduce the thickness of the shrink film without risk? We can do a simple comparative study. 

Tertiary packaging

The tertiary packaging has a major influence on pallet stability. During an optimisation session in the lab, we will determine the necessary parameters to achieve good results.

The objective of our 'on site' measurements is to adjust the parameters of a winder in your production. The predetermined or optimal parameters can be based on stability tests or on general findings for similar products.

Our lab is equipped with a FPT-750. This allows us to measure all relevant mechanical properties of a stretch film. This way, different stretch films can be compared with each other.

If you want to start a tender process for stretch film, we can assist you with independent measurements of the mechanical parameters.

stability load units stacking pattern

Stacking pattern

During optimisation in the lab, we also look at the stacking pattern. In concrete terms, this means that we look for the stacking pattern that contributes to the best stability.

A columnar stacking pattern will provide high resistance in the vertical direction. The stability or resistance to acceleration in the horizontal direction will be much lower than with a bandage stack. It is therefore extremely important to use the right combination.


Interlayers are often seen as a necessary evil. For some packaging systems, they are an important cost factor. In addition, they can also contribute to better stability.

During an optimisation session, we always look for the required number of inserts and their position.

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