The range of services offered by ESTL is considerable. However, we like to take on new challenges in our field. We are constantly developing new tailor-made products. So our engineering services are always at your disposal.

We measure

  • Conception, execution and post-processing of field tests to determine load spectra
  • Performance of strain gauge measurements, load cell measurements, torque measurements, etc.
  • Carrying out process audits in the packaging and construction industry to identify areas for improvement

We automate

  • Development and construction of tensile testing machines and fatigue testing machines
  • Development of equipment to accurately characterise physical properties
  • Automating repetitive operations in production processes
  • Developing test and measurement solutions for the construction industry to identify areas for improvement

We test

  • Performing static tensile and compression tests, up to 6-axis configurations
  • Performing dynamic and fatigue tests
  • Simulation (reproduction) of field test data on structures for durability determination

We simulate

  • Optimisation of structures through EEM with regard to strength, stiffness, production methodology
  • Simulation of fatigue resistance and durability of structures

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