The FPT-750 offers a wide range of test programmes that enable realistic testing of tertiary packaging such as stretch film.

Today's stretch films have a high performance. They therefore deserve a testing machine that can simulate the demands of today's market. 


FPT-750: Film Performance Tester

Testing stretch film

fpt-750 cling test

ESTL's Film Performance Tester is designed to simulate as accurately as possible the actual conditions in which a stretch film is used.

The stretch film tests are carried out at constant stretching speeds or at varying speeds (speed profiles), just like on a real winding machine.

This combination makes ESTL's Film Performance Tester a unique tool in the stretch film industry.

fpt-750 software

HMI & Client software

The machine is equipped with an intuitive touch screen control.

All tests are configured through a number of simple wizards. These wizards allow, for example, selection of film type (inside / outside cling), film carriage type (S or W), tension, test speeds... 

Client software" is supplied with the machine. This software can be installed on the quality manager's computer, for example. In this way, results can be assessed 'offline' without losing valuable testing time.

fpt-750 screenshot configuration

Direct Measurement Technology

The force in the various sections is measured directly on the unwind, winding and pre-stretch axles. It was decided not to measure on the guide rollers.

This approach has ensured that the film can be tested in an S and W set-up. This allows different wrappers to be simulated.

In addition, this approach improves accuracy.

fpt-750 peel angle

Peel angle

The unwinding properties of a stretch film are very important when this film is used in high-speed winding machines.

The unwinding quality can be defined by the unwinding point or the unwinding angle and its variation. Thanks to the detection of this point, the force required to pull the film off the roll can be calculated.

This strength is one of the main parameters for assessing the consistency of a production run.

fpt-750 servo technology

Servo technology

The unwind, wrap and both pre-stretch axles are equipped with powerful servomotors.

The use of servo technology allows full control of the test speeds. This also allows the varying speed profiles found on the winder to be simulated.

This simulation is made during the "wrapper" and "wrapper consistency" test.

fpt-750 puncture unit

Puncture unit

The linear movement of the puncture unit is driven by a servo motor.

The speed of the probe reaches a constant level just before impact. This speed can be set between 0 and 2000mm/s.

The probes can be easily exchanged without the use of tools.

fpt-750 cling test

Reliable cling test

In order to achieve a reliable cling test, all important actions are automated. This limits the influence of the operator to a minimum.

The cling - or adhesive - force can be measured at various pre-stretch and foil tensions.

fpt-750 Multi-core clamp unit

Multi-core clamp unit

The automatic clamping device of the FPT-750 is designed for tubes of both machine and manual film.

The height of the foil (tube) may vary between 250 mm and 770 mm.



Neck-in measurement

Optionally, the FPT-750 can be equipped with a module that continuously measures the height of the film during an 'ultimate test'.

This allows the change in neck-in to be measured as a function of the front stretch.

Test programmes


The unwinding, recovery, peel off and stretching force is measured as a function of the front stretch.

The pre-stretch is increased to breaking point in predefined steps.

The test speed is constant and can be programmed between 0 and 4000 mm/s.


A certain number of metres are brought to a predetermined pre-stretch. All this happens at a constant speed.

The forces in each section are recorded. Statistical values of the following parameters can thus be recorded: unwind, reset, peel off and stretch force. Optionally, the unwinding noise can also be recorded.

The speed of this test is adjustable between 0 and 4000mms.

Wrapper test

In this test, the machine will increase the pre-stretch continuously. The unwind, reset, peel off and stretching forces are logged.

During this test, the machine uses a speed profile similar to the speed profile of a winder. Rotational speeds up to 50 rpm can be simulated.

The response delay of the winder can also be set.

Wrapper consistency

During the "wrapper consistency test", a certain number of metres are pre-stretched to a predetermined pre-stretch.

The film is brought to this stretch at a varying speed. This speed profile corresponds to the speed profile on a winder.

The reaction time of the winder as well as the response delay can be set. This makes it possible to simulate real-life situations.


The stretch film is pre-stretched and brought to a certain tension. Next, the foil is clamped by a canvas. Finally, the foil is perforated by a probe.

Three different probes are supplied as standard: puncture, dart and tear resistance.

The pre-stretch, tension and perforation speed can be programmed.

The software calculates the maximum force, travel of the probe (from first contact to break) and energy absorption.


The stretch film is pre-stretched and brought to a certain tension. Then the film line is stopped.

The change of forces in each segment is logged as a function of time.


The stretch film is wrapped around an ellipse in a controlled manner. The stretch and tension at which this takes place are adjustable.

A driven contract roller pushes away the air between the layers of film. One layer of film is then pulled away from the underlying layer.

The software calculates the maximum and median value of the force.

FTP-750 in operation

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