Damaged goods? We’ll help you!

Some studies claim that up to 4% of all transported goods are damaged during transport. This high damage rate is translated into huge economic losses throughout the industry. Damaged goods generate waste and negative publicity.

The administrative cost for a damaged pallet is 250€. That is the cost to register the complaint, not to solve it nor to cover the product loss!

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Our customer is using transport damage as leverage to get an extra discount.

Mr Y‘Private label’ subcontractor

The cost per damage pallet is 250€ without the cost of the product. Annually we have a 1.5% damage ratio.

Mrs ZBig producer of FMCG

Reduce costs! Increase value!

Time and time again, damaged products are causing high economical losses. A well balanced packaging system will reduce costs and hence increase profitability. The main reasons of economical losses due to packaging:

  • ‘Under packing’: The packaging is not ‘fit for purpose’ in this case the economical losses will be generated by the damages which will occur during transport. The total damage cost consists of: value of the product, cost for transport, re-work costs, ‘image damage’, extra stock,… .
  • ‘Over packing’: The packaging is over engineered for what it is supposed to do. In this case there is an economical loss for every unit which is shipped out of the door.

ESTL’s scientific approach will determine the correct balance for your products.