ESTL's tools are conquering the world!

Both the idea of the FEF-200 and the SPT-300 originated in our packaging lab. Both ideas grew out of packaging questions submitted to us by customers. These questions could not be answered with the devices available on the market. Therefore, our engineers set to work to come up with innovative and often "out-of-the-box" ideas. It is this practical approach in particular that is the key to the success of these devices.

Our main goal was always to create a device that could easily be used in our own lab. Only when these devices had won their spurs in our own lab were they put up for sale.

We are proud to say that our aircraft are conquering Europe and a part of the world. At the end of December and January a number of FEF's left for various destinations, ranging from Belgium to Poland, with Malaysia as the absolute highlight. The SPTs were also sent to all corners of the world. The last SPT left for cold Sweden, where the plane will be put into service by a foil manufacturer. This device will be used for internal research as well as for optimisation at existing customers of the foil manufacturer.

Fortunately for the training officer, a number of devices will be delivered to warmer places in the coming months.

In the meantime, we are finalising the fine-tuning and validation of a new, even more sophisticated measuring device. More info will follow very soon!

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