Static Tire Test Bench

The STTB-200 has been carefully designed and built to quantify accurate tire stiffness on an automated way. The machine is able to impose displacement, rotation or force profiles on a test tire.

The test machine is equipped with a 6 Degree Of Freedom measurement plate to accurately measure the forces and moments in 3 directions. A redundant force transducer is provided on all the actuators to evaluate signal integrity.

An optional tire bulging scanner sweeps the vertical tire profile at the ground contact section to measure the tire bulging.

X-, Y- and Z-direction translations and Z-rotations are sensed by means of accurate displacement transducers.

An optional tire footprint measurement sensor scans, photographs and calculates the tire contact surface automatically.

A central axle can automatically rotate the tire in steps of minimum 30° without backlash. This function allows automatic multiple section testing to optimise result integrity and consistency, and reduce outlier results.

The control system is automated to minimize the required test time and human influences, optimising the overall profitability of the machine.

Technology Highlights

  • Quality purpose Software: The intuitive control panel allows the user to select a number of pre-programmed tests and to alter the concerning parameters. The architecture of the program allows the user to save / alter test protocols.
  • R&D purpose Software: the machine is equipped with UTMS software, carefully developed by our engineers. The software allows the development or customisation of pre-programmed functionalities to meet specific customer requirements. The software can also run in an offline mode so viewing/programming of tests can be done at the user’s desk without requiring access to the test bench. Setup of a combination load of all 4 directions is possible.
  • Quality: All components are calculated by FEA analysis to optimise the strength, stiffness, stability and durability. Well overdimensioned bearings attribute to high durability.
  • Support: Engineers of ESTL can access remotely tot the machine through a VPN connection, optimising support in case of client specific tests or minimising downtime.
  • Accuracy: The test bench is equipped with displacements sensors with 0,01mm accuracy and rotational sensors of 0,3° accuracy. High accuracy 6DOF measurement plate+ redundant high quality load cells by A-label manufacturers to ensure a good precision and durability.

Test bench specifications

Z-axis20 tons (tire load)1000 mm2 -> 400 mm/min
X-axis11 tons (Tangential load)600 mm2 -> 400 mm/min
Y-axis11 tons (Axial load)600 mm2 -> 400 mm/min

Tire bulging sweep: until 300mm from ground surface
Platform: untill 1000x1000mm
Mz-rotation: 10kNm / -30° -> 30° rotation angle

Test Programs

  • Slip torque test
  • Axial deflection test
  • Tire Footprint scans
  • Vertical twist
  • Curb test
  • Custom testing

Our goal?  Provide the transport industry with high quality measurement tools. We design test benches to your needs!

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