In 2007, Belgium implemented a new law on safe road transport of products. KAHO (Belgian engineering school), Febetra (Belgian federation of carriers and logistic service providers), OTM (Belgian federation of shippers) and the Belgian federal police started a research project in order to apply the law as efficiently as possible. The research focused on the aspect of transport packing and the most appropriate vehicles. The results were quickly adopted by main companies such as ExxonMobil, Dow, Procter and Gamble, Wienenberger, Quick Step, Borealis, etc.

The new legislation on safe transport includes a large responsibility for product packing companies. The products must be wrapped in a transport packing material that is sufficiently firm. Various methods to test the solidness of transport packing materials, were developed. These tests simulate the impact on products during a transport in a real vehicle. The acceleration test appeared to be one of the most relevant. …

Our values


Our partners

ESTL offers you ready-to-use solutions. Therefore, ESTL collaborates, on a 100% neutral basis, with suppliers of vehicle parts, packing materials and packing machinery. If our company does not dispose of the required testing equipment, we work together with the most competent and specialized labs in Belgium or Europe. Moreover, ESTL works with renowned universities and test labs in Germany, France and Italy.

Quality policy

From the very start, ESTL works in accordance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 principles. Moreover, ESTL largely invested in extended measuring and registration tools. For both vehicle tests and packing tests, most testing equipment was developed by our company itself. Our purchased as well as our self-constructed equipment is calibrated on a regular basis and fit for purpose.

Our ISO 17025 recognition confirms our ‘good lab practice’ as being ESTL’s basic philosophy. The scope of our recognition can be viewed here.