Load securing in evolution!

Cargo securing remains a hot topic. Witness the well-attended EUMOS conference in November and the great response we received to the recording of Look Out.

The main points raised by the various speakers were:

  • The new IMO/ILO/UNESCE lists the responsibilities - with regard to cargo securing - per party involved. The enumeration of responsibilities should remove the ambiguity of "shared responsibility". In addition, it is also clearly stated that the shipper must provide the goods with packaging that is resistant to the loads during transport.
  • In April 2014, the "Roadworthiness Directive" was signed. This means that all member states must carry out a fixed number of checks on the "roadworthiness of a vehicle, including its load". In concrete terms, this means that each member state will have to carry out a minimum number of checks on load securing. The results must be communicated. A list of applicable standards for load securing provides a more unambiguous inspection. Again, the suggestion is made that good cargo securing starts with good packaging. The member states have two years to transpose this directive into local legislation.

The above issues have led to an increased demand for cargo securing tests and this at load level, truck level and on securing equipment.

In the past year, standard vehicle tests have been carried out for many Flemish vehicle builders and for important European trailer manufacturers such as Krone and Kögel. Custom made tests have been carried out for multinationals such as Arcelor Mittal, Nyrstar, Knauf, BASF, Saint Gobain, Coca Cola,... . These tests have led to a well-founded best practice that is very closely aligned with their products and transport modes.

Several tests are also planned in the coming months in the United Kingdom and France.

You can take a look at our test portfolio via this link. If you still haven't found what you are looking for, please contact us so we can work out a tailor-made route.

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